It’s here, it’s finally is here! Summer is here and that means its international tournament season. This year, the United States has the honor of hosting a special edition of the oldest international soccer competition in the world, the Copa America. The South American tournament is celebrating its 100 years since its inception in the United States, inviting an array of North American teams to partake in a chance to win one of the most coveted titles in the world. The San Francisco Bay Area will be hosting various games in Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. If you’re looking to watch some top-class football matches, check out some of these games listed below.

Tournament Opener: United States vs. Colombia

The tournament opener played between the United States and Colombia will set the tempo for the rest of the tournament. The United States is looking to finally win the respect and recognition of America’s powerhouse teams, and will be looking to achieve this by beating Colombia. Colombia however has aspirations for winning the tournament after an early outing in the tournament’s previous episodes. It should be an interesting matchup, with two very distinct styles clashing with each other. With German Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, the United States has been attempting to develop a paced, possession-based game with heavy tactical abilities. Colombia on the other hand is accustomed to the fast-paced, technical-heavy South American style. It should be a good matchup for both teams to measure their abilities.

Most Anticipated First Round Match: Argentina vs. Chile

A rematch of the last Copa America Final that saw Chile lift the Copa in jubilee while Argentina went home with yet another second place title. The match will showcase two of the world’s best team’s at the moment, with FIFA ranking Argentina and Chile #1 and #4 respectively. In a sense, this will be a grudge match for Argentina, who hopes to put behind an almost 25-year title drought. Chile on the other hand will be hoping to showcase its strength as the returning Copa America Champion.

Old Money vs New: Uruguay vs Jamaica

Uruguay vs Jamaica will make a very interesting matchup in Levi’s Stadium. Here we have two teams, one with a long and decorated history in the sport, and the other, an up and coming star on the international stage. Uruguay has won two world cups in its history, and currently holds the record for most Copa America titles with a whopping fifteen championships. Jamaica on the other hand just recently reached its first continental cup final last year, losing to Mexico in a heartbreaking final played in Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. However the team is stacked with players playing in some of the world’s best leagues. Led by a German coach who is combining Jamaica’s speed and strength with a German-style tactical flare, Jamaica may be the team to watch this tournament.

June 18 Quarterfinals Matchup: Group C Winner vs. Group D Runner-Up

Group C currently consists of Jamaica, Uruguay, Mexico, and Venezuela. Group D’s bracket contains Argentina, Chile, Panama, and Bolivia. History and statistics should dictate Uruguay and Mexico passing its group stage, while Argentina and Chile coming out of Group D unscathed. However Venezuela and Jamaica are no walk in the park for both Uruguay and Mexico. Jamaica has been playing well in its recent matchups, while Venezuela has always proved a tricky matchup for South American teams. Chile and Argentina have both stirred doubts among their fan bases. Any overconfidence can set the stage for a major upset in this group.

With so many great games in the horizon, Santa Clara will most certainly be an exciting place in these upcoming weeks.

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